Dear all supporters of Blues at the Crossroads Festival,
On behalf of the board of directors for the Blues at the Crossroads, I would like to thank all of our corporate sponsors, volunteers and everyone that came out to support this year’s event. Because of you we were able to provide the Vigo County School Corporation $6,000 to purchase instruments for students who wish to participate in their schools music program. Although we were short of our goal of $10,000, it will still go a long way in supporting music programs in our community.
Unfortunately, I am writing to inform you that the Blues at the Crossroads festival has come to an end. The rising costs in putting on this festival has made it difficult to keep ticket prices affordable to most families. This has become apparent in the poor attendance over the last two years. My vision when starting the Blues Fest was to bring our community together through music and to give back to the Wabash Valley. Children across Vigo county have benefited from donations we made to Terre Haute Boys and Girls Club, YWCA, ISU music department and the Vigo County School Corporation. And for this I hope the Blues at the Crossroads will be remembered as a success!
I’d personally like to say it has been an honor to host, organize, plan and facilitate the Blues at the Crossroads Festival for the past 21 years. It was a joy to see people celebrate coming together through music and community. My lasting memories will be of the friends I have made and the stories others have shared with me. It makes me smile when I think of the couples who met at the festival and are now married. My children have literally grown up with the festival being part of their lives. They started out 20 years ago helping me put artist ID badges together to helping sweep the streets at 5am Sunday morning after the event. I’m thankful my four grandchildren were also able to enjoy the festival. My oldest grandson, Jackson, said he was sad he wouldn’t be able to go anymore.
Thank you Terre Haute for supporting me over the years and bringing this celebration to the Wabash Valley. Keep making beautiful music and dancing outdoors with your neighbors.
Connie Wrin
Blues at the Crossroads Organizer
OPEN EVERYDAY4:00pm - 3:00am


KARAOKE 10:00 pm

Long Island  – $4.00
Jameson – $5.00

JAZZ JAM 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Smirnoff Vodka Flavor – $4.00
Sunking Brewery Can – $4.50
Bottle Oliver Wine – $14.00


Mixed Well Cocktail – $2.50
Corona Bottle – $3.50
Draft Margarita (Jose Cuervo Traditional) – $4.50


Green Tea – $3.00
Busch Light Can – $3.00

$3 Cover (with College I.D.) before 11pm  – $5 Cover (with College I.D.) after 11pm
$5 Cover before midnight
$10 after midnight

Mixed Well Cocktail – $2.00
White Claw – $2.00
Draft Margarita (Jose Cuervo Traditional) – $4.00
Long Island – $5.00
Bucket 6 Domestic Cans – $15.00


LIVE DJ 11:00 pm

Vegas Bomb – $3.00
Crown Royal – $4.00
Draft Margarita (Jose Cuervo Traditional) – $5.00
16oz Indiana Craft Draft – $5.00
Bucket 4 Domestic Cans – $10.00
Bucket 6 Domestic Cans – $15.00

LIVE DJ’S 10:00 pm

Busch Light Can – $3.00
Mixed Well Cocktail – $3.00
Double Mixed Well Cocktail – $6.00
Sex on the Beach – $4.00

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Friday 4th – The Why Store

Friday 11th – The Randy’s

Friday 18th – Jon Worthy & The Bends


Friday 9th – The Breakes

Friday 23rd – The Randy’s



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